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Our Mission

The Company intends to combine the best of southern hospitality and their high standards for service with an exciting combination of new southern cuisine and popular American favorites created by Chef G. Garvin.

No other regional American cuisine brings more excitement and personifies true American family cooking than Southern-style cooking. Ribs, chicken, regional Gulf seafood and corn-fed beef, fresh vegetables and peach cobbler all bring images of supper time and good times with good friends. The cuisine of the Southern United States is defined as the regional culinary form of states generally south of the Mason-Dixon Line westerly to the state of Texas. This cuisine manifests influences from traditions of various indigenous peoples and settlers that have inhabited this region of the country. While such popularity is comforting, differentiating this uniquely American product is critical and sometimes challenging. The founders understand this and therefore have identified key attributes and elements to position LowCountry as a winning idea, able to expand to multiple locations in key markets, where the founders have domain expertise and resources.

Key Concept Attributes & Features

Food: Leveraging Chef Garvin’s southern roots, his experience in the fast-paced Los Angeles restaurant scene and his dedication to delivering the highest quality dining experience, LowCountry offers a fusion of southern regional styles and popular American favorites with a Southern twist. While focused on its “roots” in the South, LowCountry will seek to maintain a balance between new Southern cuisine and popular favorites.

Beer and Wine: The wine list will include a broad selection of red, white and new crisp rosé wines from the United States and will include a selection of wines by the glass.

Since beer popularity is regional, LowCountry offers a selection of regional, national and international brands by the bottle. On tap, only local favorites will be offered to maintain a connection to the local community.

Local Ingredients: Whenever possible, the Company intends to seek local purveyors to supply its key ingredients: herbs, spices, breads, meats and produce. Chef Garvin strives to develop and maintain high standards and connect with local growers and vendors to ensure that LowCountry is able to use fresh ingredients.

Service: A key success factor and distinguishing characteristic at LowCountry will be its front of the house (FOH) training and food server certification program. Nowadays, restaurants must distinguish their offering with more than just food and beverage. Service standards must be a means to differentiate good from great. In connection with this, LowCountry intends to execute at the highest level of customer service consistently exceeding customers’ expectations.

Southern Theme: Consistency in design, décor, menu, attitude, service standards and music help position LowCountry as the leader in evolving new Southern cuisine.

Ambiance: The Company has engaged the most experienced and talented restaurant designers to create a modern upscale restaurant facility that is uniquely modern in a light airy environment.

Design and Layout: The LowCountry standard restaurant design features include a center bar, raised booths, and open kitchen so the patrons can see the kitchen staff, including Chef Garvin himself, at work.  Table tops are not adorned with white linen, and instead are of hard high quality glossy wood; upscale but comfortable is the feel that is created.

Pricing: Competitively priced and positioned as an upscale-casual Southeastern United States restaurant concept, the average guest check will be designed to offer superior value for $17.00 at breakfast and $35.00 at lunch and dinner.  Where LowCountry operates as a quick serve restaurant concept, individual menu items average in price between $9.00 and $15.00.

Live Music: Depending on location and availability of permits, the Company intends to offer live music on weekends and for special occasions.

Management Team: Chef G. Garvin will lead the effort to assemble a talented and experienced local management team for both front and back of the house operations.